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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

NO — There is no requirement to wear a helmet when using ELFIT.

NO — You do not need a license plate. ELFIT is categorized 100% as a bicycle (Pedelec).

YES — You must stay in the bike lane with ELFIT.

NO — The wheels on the ELFIT are not driven by a chain. ELFIT moves 100% electrically.

  • km/h — with throttle control
  • 20 km/h — with pedal assist

25 - 35 km — Depending on terrain, weight of the rider/ weight of luggage, temperature, speed and amount of pedaling.

2 – Two identical batteries are installed in the ELFIT, which can be removed for charging.

4 - 5 HOURS — The time required for a completely empty battery to charge is roughly 4 – 5 hours.

  • Adapter for basket and child seat
  • Battery thermal casing (for use in winter)
  • Weather shield
  • Foot covers with calf support
  • Double brake levers for one-handed operation
  • Carrier rack for walkers and walking sticks
  • Carrier for reserve batteries

Depending on the time of year and number of items ordered, the delivery time ranges from 2 to 10 weeks from your order confirmation or, in some cases, the receipt of your prepayment.

Depending on the load, the ELFIT’s Pedelec system (250W) can easily handle up to a 9% incline over long distances. Over short distances an incline of up to 12% is also possible. What’s more, the ELFIT can handle inclines up to 20% with the rider walking alongside, eliminating the need to push up steep hills.

NO — Without pedaling the ELFIT can go at a maximum of 6 km/h, and with pedaling up to 20 km/h.

YES — The ELFIT has two gears, for forceful or more relaxed pedaling – or physical training.

NO — in order to make riding and cornering as secure as possible. If necessary, an inflatable or foam seat cushion in combination with optimal tire pressure in the rear wheels can help provide maximal comfort while riding.

Smartphones, Tablets, GPS, coolers, and seat-warmers, to name a few examples.

It is possible in exceptional cases, when a doctor has indicated that there are no other viable alternatives.

YES — as a distribution partner of the leasing company we are able to supply the necessary documents in order to be at the disposal of your employer.

YES — This can be set up through your ELFIT supplier.

  • Frame and front wheel fork: 5 years (with the exception of the surface)
  • Standard bicycle components: 2 years
  • Electronics, motor and generator: 2 years
  • Batteries: 1 year (due to wear)

The servicing of your ELFIT e-Trike is the responsibility of your ELFIT provider, who, where applicable, will organize an association with regional bicycle dealers or other contracted partners.