elfit GmbH

Moving forward

ELFIT means moving forward in a way that’s
electric, climate-friendly, safe, active and healthy.

Flexible Mobility

ELFIT electric three-wheelers offer flexible mobility in your day to day, improved quality of life and ideal fitness training for the active over-50 and over-60 generation.

Low Step-Through Design

The ELFIT e-Hybrid Trike allows easy access with a low step-through design and drives 100% electrically. The ELFIT was designed specially for riders who are at risk of falling but wish to remain mobile in the open air. It is nevertheless a pedelec for all ages.

Fitness Training

ELFIT can be used as an indoor and outdoor exercise machine, giving added motivation, especially to those suffering from heart and circulatory problems or muscle and joint weakness. Working the pedals in a stationary position transforms the ELFIT into an ergometer with a very comfortable seat.


In the case of one-sided weakness (Hemiparesis) brought on by stroke, the ELFIT has proven itself in equal measure as a lifestyle home fitness machine and as an occupational therapy bike. 

Great Recreational Value

Riding an ELFIT e-Trike promises new mobility with a high recreational value in addition to providing an ideal workout in cases where health problems result in a lack of physical activity.


The ELFIT designer three-wheeler provides, amongst its many therapeutic attributes, added safety and security to people with balance problems as they navigate through traffic.


ELFIT electromobility can have a wide array of positive effects on people suffering from the symptoms of MS, Parkinsons, Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS), PPS, Diabetes and Cardiovascular Weakness. Talk to your doctor about the possibilities offered by ELFIT.

Outdoor Mobility

Users of stairlifts, mostly seniors age 60 and up, value their enhanced indoor mobility. The ELFIT seniors e-Trike expands quality of life through increased outdoor mobility with an environmentally friendly lifestyle vehicle.

Supplement your Physical Therapy

Before and after hip or knee surgery the ELFIT e-Hybrid three-wheeler can help mitigate limited mobility and, with the approval of your doctor or physical therapist, sensibly supplement physical rehabilitation.

Comfortable Seat

ELFIT offers a new perspective on athletic mobility for cyclists with prostate problems who are no longer able to use a normal bicycle seat.